If you are a tax exempt or UMass Amherst customer please email happiness@amherstcopy.com to have your online account set up prior to placing your online order!

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    Welcome to our Terms of Use. You should be able to find the answers to your site use and legal questions here. If you don’t see what you are looking please contact us.

    Refund/Return policy

    We want you to be happy with your order! We will do everything in our power to make sure the products you buy from us are one hundred percent to your satisfaction. If you have a problem with your order all you have to do is contact us LINK TO EMAIL. Once you tell us what’s wrong we’ll respond as fast as we can—usually within 24 hours (unless you notify us on a weekend or holiday in which case you should hear from us on the next business day). Because we are a small, family owned and operated business, when you contact us you can be sure you’ll be able to have your problem dealt with by a real person, perhaps even the owner.

    What we’ll do. Usually we’ll reprint and ship your order at no additional cost to you. If you prefer we’ll give you a coupon to use when placing your next order with us. If you still aren’t satisfied we will give you your money back. To receive the benefit of our refund/return policy you must notify us within thirty (30) days of your receipt of the product from us and provide verification of the problem. Verification can be as simply as you taking a photograph of the problem and emailing it to us, or we may ask you to return part or all of the order to us at our expense.

    Please note that spelling mistakes, low image resolution and using .gif or .png file formats for print are the most common print errors that we see. Pursuant to our online proofing policy LINK HERE, we are not responsible for these types of mistakes.

    Shipping Policy/Delivery Standards

    We only ship orders to addresses in the United States.

    Orders typically ship within 1 to 2 business days from the time you place your order.

    This is the procedure we follow when you place your order:

    Step 1: We check your order for print related issues. Print related issues include, but are not limited to: low resolution images; image file size not correct (too large or too small) not leaving a bleed; printing outside of the safe zone; hard to read fonts due to size, color or placement; poor or improper placement of borders; uploading a blank file; crop marks where they don’t belong; color out of gamut; etc. If we feel your file will not print correctly you will be notified. (Consequently your turnaround time may be increased).

    Kindly note that we do not consider spelling and/or grammar errors to be print related issues and you are solely responsible for spelling and grammar errors in your proofed products.

    Step 2: We check to make sure we have everything we need to fulfill your order in stock. On the rare occasion we don’t have everything we need we’ll order it. If we don’t have everything we need you will be notified that your turnaround time may be increased.

    Step 3: One of our experienced employees prints and finishes (cutting, scoring, folding, punching, etc., as needed) your job, visually inspecting it for quality.

    Step 4: We carefully package and ship your order to you via USPS, UPS or FedEx.

    Step 5: We will email you to notify you that your package has shipped. If a tracking number has been generated, we will include the number in the email. Kindly note that not all shipments will contain tracking numbers.



    You can change your order as long as we have not already printed it or shipped it. If your order has already been printed or shipped, we are not able to make changes.

    In the event you need to change your order, please email us LINK HERE or call us at 413-549-2854. Needless to say there is never a charge for any corrections needed as a result of our errors. See our Return/Refund Policy LINK HERE.

    If we find problems with your file before we print it, we will notify you and you can send us a corrected file at no additional charge. (Your turnaround time may be increased).

    You may cancel your order as long as we have not already printed it or shipped it. If your order has already been printed or shipped, we are not able to cancel it.

    Transfer of Title

    You agree that ownership of your order transfers to you upon shipment by us, (except in the event we deliver the product to you locally in our van. In that case you agree that ownership transfers to you upon your receipt of the order). This means (for items we are not delivering locally in our van) that the risk of loss passes to you when we deliver your order to the shipper. Our obligation to you is to provide the product FOB (“free on board”) our store located at 3 Railroad Street, Hadley, Massachusetts, 01035. If we are providing you with a digital product, ownership of your order transfers to you when we email the file to you.

    Forms of Payment We Accept

    We accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover credit cards. We also accept PayPal. If you are a local customer and you have an account with us, you may charge your order to your account. P.O.’s (“purchase orders”) are accepted if you have an approved account with us. If you would like to establish an account with us you can download our application for credit HERE.

    Sales Tax Policy

    We are required to collect Massachusetts state sale (6.25%) on orders shipped to addresses within Massachusetts (God save the Commonwealth of Massachusetts), and on all orders picked up at our store.

    If your organization is tax exempt (most non-profits, retailers and farmers) we must have a copy of your tax exempt certificate (ST-2 or ST-5) on file at our store before we process your order or we are required to collect sales tax from your organization.


    You agree that you shall indemnify and defend Clodoir, Inc., d/b/a Amherst Copy & Designworks, its directors, officers, and employees against all claims, liability, damages, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys fees and expenses arising out of or related to (1.) your breach of these Terms of Use or (2.) any demand, claim, or lawsuit arising from or relating to material you uploaded to this website, or otherwise incorporated into a product on this website, including, without limitation any image, graphic, text, photograph, or other material that was not already a part of this website.